Neighdae 2018

By The Neighsayers

At Gilimbaa Creative Agency we're saying nup to The Cup and raising money to help "horses off courses"  We're calling it Neighdae – and we're all going bowling instead of watching the race that stops a nation! We've set up this page to raise money to help ex-racehorses get their lives back on track (not race tracks of course). Odds are we'll have a great time raising money for a very worthy cause!

All proceeds of the day will be donated to Save a Horse Australia's 'Track to Hack' program. The 'Track to Hack' program focuses on rehabilitating off the track Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in SAHA's care, as well as broodmares, all of whom went above and beyond in their former careers and who now deserve to receive some support in return. By rehabilitating these horses and giving them a second career, they are saved from less fortunate fates.

We're only a pretty small team, so we'd love your help to raise lots of cash! Please back a winner and put your money on Neighdae this year so we can help Save a Horse Australia rescue and rehabilitate horses off the track.

Thanks in advance!

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Arna Ogg 2018-11-06 16:39:22
Arna Ogg 2018-11-06 16:38:13
Yay nay day.
Katherine Ogg 2018-11-06 15:52:24
Yay! Winning neighdae!
Niqui Branchu 2018-11-06 12:46:16
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