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The recent rain, whilst very welcome, hasn’t really made much of an impact to the drought - the paddocks have already dried up and are dusty once more. The ongoing lack of rain has effected everyone in rural areas more than we can explain and sadly the price and production of hay has been greatly impacted!

This winter is tipped to be one of the worst in history in regards to pricing and availability of hay and while our hay supplier is going above and beyond for us to ensure he has some supply we know it is getting harder and harder for him to be able to make full deliveries!

We use at least 64 bales a week at the sanctuary, that’s 256 bales a month and at the moment we are able to get bales of either grassy hay or Lucerne for between $18-$22 but that will dramatically increase in the near future. 4x4 round bales are at $130 so we need to act now! If we can stock the shed right up this will allow us to do smaller fortnightly hay fundraisers to keep the shed full moving forward into winter.

Roughage (hay or grazing) is crucial to keep the horses digestive system healthy, processed feeds stay in the horses stomach for longer and hay is necessary to keep their digestive system active and efficient. We have no grazing left in the paddocks so we need your help to stock the hay shed before supply runs out!

Our recent hay fundraisers have been great success’ thanks to your amazing support and we were able to keep supply to the shed up, can we please ask you to help the horses once again?

We need to raise $11,520 for 640 bales to get the shed stocked right up, can we do it?

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