On 1 August every year in Australia, we celebrate the horses' birthday as all thoroughbreds turn a year older.

Our rescue ponies are looking forward to their party on Sunday 6 August at our Buccan Sanctuary when we'll be holding a special day to celebrate the horses and the fabulous volunteers who care for them.

Join with us to celebrate with a Party for the Ponies!  You can hold your own party and help raise funds for the rescue ponies all at the same time!

Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a high tea for the horses - invite your friends over for a cuppa or perhaps some bubbly and collect a gold coin donation;
  • Have a bake off and sell your cupcakes or biscuits;
  • Go on a picnic;
  • Hold a bbq or wine and cheese night.

The list is endless!  Use your imagination and have fun with your friends!

We'll be coming to you live on Facebook, from the Buccan Sanctuary on the day as we meet some of the horses and go on a virtual tour of the sanctuary.  


How to Get Started:

  • Set up your own online Fundraising Page on the SAHA Fundraising Portal
  • You need to register your details first by clicking SIGN UP in the top right
  •  To create your own page, click on NEW CAMPAIGN on the top menu bar

Remember to share your page on social media or send the link to your friends and ask for their support.

*Make sure all of your donations are processed through your own Fundraising Web Page so that receipts are issued correctly and we know how much you have raised!*